Rooibos Health with mountain Buchu 100g

Rooibos Health with mountain Buchu 100g

BUCHU is a Cape Fynbos treasure and endemic to South Africa only. It grows narurally in the mountainous areas of South Western Cape. Buchu leaves are well-know sweepers or natural detoxing agents. Together with water they cleanse and flush the body on the inside and rid it of surplus water that may cause illnesses. Combined with Rooibos it provides an aromatic and therapeutic herbal tea.

CICR Rooibos has therapeutic benefits for a range of conditions including nervous tension, allergies, stomach and indigestion problems and colic in babies.

  • High anti-oxidant levels 
  • Caffeine-free
  • No kilojules
  • High mineral content
  • No added colourants or flavours
  • Hand picked
  • Sun dried
  • Steam sterilized

Preparation: boil water, pour water over tea-bag, allow to infuse for a few minutes, add milk and sugar to taste

40 teabags 100g (3.5oz) Nett

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