First Aid Products

Cape Chamomile Skin Aid

This moisturizing but extremely soothing light lotion is ideal for everything from sensitive skin, to sunburn, eczema and psoriasis. It can even be applied to the scalp. There are no harmful, sensitizing chemicals.
Directions: Gently apply to skin afflicted with eczema, psoriasis or allergic reactions. Skin aid will also soothe and heel sensitive, sunburnt skin.

Cape Snowbush Anti-Cellulite Gel

This popular product has already proven its efficacy many times over. Cellulite is the result of toxins caught in the fatty tissue. The essential oils in this product cause the toxins to be taken into the lymph and eventually to be excreted. The essential oil of Cape Snowbush is particularly powerful diuretic oil and combined with Juniper and Lemon it makes a super-effective synergy to rid the body of the toxins it has been storing, whilst stimulating the circulatory system.
Directions: Massage into affected areas once daily, for a firmer, smoother and dimple free skin.
Contra-indications: Avoid using during pregnancy. Not suitable for people with epilepsy or for children under 13 years.
250 ml

Zinziba Hand and Heel Therapy

The creamy, quick absorbing product soon became one of the best sellers in the Moya range. The product takes its name proudly from one of the African aromatic oils Lippia Javanica, affectionately renamed Zinziba. This oil has a haunting fragrance, somewhat honey-like and is used by Moya for its exceptional skin-softening properties. Combined with Patchouli and Lavender essential oils, with their own unique qualities, this synergy has proved itself very effective in this product, formulated to keep hands and heels smooth and lovely. The cream is equally popular among males and females.
Directions: Apply liberally to moisturise and bring instant relief to chapped heels, dry elbows, hand and knees.
Contra-indications: None

Deep sleep pillow spray

Cape Chamomile synergy in a relaxing and soothing spray for an absolutely restful sleeping experience.
Directions: Spray onto your pillow or around your bed and lay your weary head down. Let the Fynbos Synergy of Cape Chamomile, Lavender and Mandarin gently ease the pressures of the day. The spray will not stain your linen. Suitable for children.