Body Scrubs & Wraps

1kg Cape Snowbush Salt Glow

The rough texture of these mineral salts stimulate the superficial blood circulation and removes dead skin cells. This promotes cellular renewal and increased penetration of the essential oils to be used in the body wraps. This product also contains the essential oils of Rosemary to stimulate the circulation and Cape Snowbush to help firm and tone the skin.

500ml Slimming and Anti-Cellulite Wrap

Cape Snowbush, Patchouli, Cape May and Grapefruit form an effective synergy to free toxins that get aught in the fatty deposits beneath the skin surface. These essential oils are also diuretic and thus assist in the movement of body fluids, effectively ridding the body of toxins that cause the dimpled effect. Patchouli is also an appetite suppressant. Not to be used in pregnancy.

500ml Buchu Wrap

The Buchu Body Wrap composes a potent detoxifying synergy with phenomenal diuretic and slimming effects. Buchu, known to have a somewhat sharp, unpleasant aroma is blended with other amiable oils such as Cape Geranium, Grapefruit and Juniper which compliment the Buchu pleasingly making the fragrance fresh and invigorating. Buchu is a particularly effective diuretic making this a very powerful detox synergy. Not to be used in pregnancy. Could put strain on kidneys if treatment is done at short intervals.

500ml Restore Wrap

This wrap contains the essential oils of Cape Chamomile, Lavendin and Tea Tree.
The azulene in Cape Chamomile has been proven many times to have a healing and soothing effect on troubled skin, making this an excellent wrap for treating Eczema, Psoriasis, sunburn and allergies. Lavendin generates healthy new cell growth and is also a painkiller while Tea Tree is well known for its antiseptic properties.
Contra-indications: none

500ml Zinziba Wrap

Containing the essential oils of Zinziba, Sandalwood, Geranium this wrap is very nourishing on dry skin. Zinziba is an emollient and has a pronounced softening effect on the skin while Geranium restores any imbalances in sebum production. Avoid direct sunlight after treatment.

500ml PMS Wrap

This wrap contains the essential oils of Cape Geranium and Lavendin. Geranium is the obvious choice in the treatment of the symptoms of PMS as it is a hormonal balancer par excellence, and has an immediate effect. The Lavendin in the synergy enhances the effects of the Geranium. Contra-indications: Pregnancy, but they don´t get PMS

500ml Defence Wrap

This wrap contains the essential oils of Lanyana, Lavendin, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus.
If used at the onset of flu, or any other ailment, these oils effectively take care of whatever is attacking the body. Tea Tree, in particular, acts very quickly. Lanyana has traditionally been used to treat symptoms associated with flu, such as congested chests and coughs.
Contra-indications: Pregnancy, epilepsy, high blood pressure.

500ml The Cape Chamomile Hand and Body Cream

A truly decadent blend of Cape Chamomile ,Lavendin and Cape Geranium essential oils in a smooth cream enriched with Jojoba oil. To nourish and hydrate the skin after a vichy treatment, leaving the Skin soft, smooth and supple.

Body Scrubs & Wraps